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Beautiful Mini-Players for YouTube Music

Muse allows you to search, play, control, boost, and equalize your beloved music on YouTube in the mini-player without opening your web browsers.

You can even send your music to Chromecast & Bluetooth Speakers!

Send Music to Speakers & Streaming Devices

Enjoy your favorite YouTube music on Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, & Bluetooth speakers!

Chromecast & Google Cast Devices

Stream the music to Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Android TV, Wireless Speakers with Chromecast Built-in, and more.

Bluetooth Speakers & Headsets

Stream the music to Bluetooth speakers and headsets connected to your Mac, such as Amazon Echo, Bose Speakers, and more.

More supported devices are yet to come. Please stay tuned!

The Demo Video for the "Audio Cast" Function

Bass Booster, EQ, & Volume Amplifier

From bass to treble, instantly improve your listening experience with the 10-band equalizer! You can customize all frequencies however you seem fit.

Thanks to the bass booster and volume amplifier, you can crank up the bass and boost up the volume of the sound for optimal quality.

A number of built-in audio effect presets are included in this app. Play with audio filters to get the best out of your web audio based on genres, personal preferences, or specific needs.

Save all the adjustments in the equalizer as custom presets, so that you can use them later.

Other Top Benefits of Muse


Muse lists top 50 most popular tracks on YouTube when you launch the app, and automatically update this list every day. 



In Muse, you can always create, edit, and manage your personal playlists.


Optionally, you can turn on the notifications in Muse, and get notified when the song changes


Muse can search the entire YouTube library to help you find any single track that you want to listen to.


Muse is so powerful that it can even help find entire playlists on YouTube.


Muse quietly sits in your menubar and stream your music in the background.

Now It's Time to Get Started

Muse - YouTube Music Player is available on the Mac App Store. So you can immediately download the app to your Mac by clicking the button below.

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