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Webcam Settings Control

Helps you always look GREAT in your webcam when video chatting or taking selfie

Packed with Features

Webcam Settings Control allows you customize all available settings of your webcam, including exposure time, contrast, saturation, white balance, & many more. And you can adjust zoom, pan, tilt, and camera focus as well. It supports both built-in webcams like Built-in iSight, FaceTime / FaceTime HD Camera, and external USB webcams!

Various Settings Supported

Webcam Settings Control can help you customize the many settings of your webcam. So you can fully adjust your webcam and always look stunning!

- Auto Exposure                         

- Exposure Time

- Gain

- Brightness

- Contrast

- Hue

- Saturation

- Sharpness

- Gamma

- White Balance Temperature

- Anti-flicker

- Backlight Compensation

- Noise Reduction

- Auto Focus Mode

- Focus

- Zoom

- Pan

- Tilt

Some settings might not be available to all webcams. The device needs to have the related feature if you want to adjust a given setting. For example, if your webcam doesn’t support zoom, pan, and tilt, the controls for them would be greyed out. So please contact the manufacture to find out more device info.

Works with ANY Application

Webcam Settings Control works flawlessly with Any desktop apps and web app that uses your webcam, including: 

- FaceTime

- Skype

- Photo Booth

- iMovie

- iStopMotion

- ooVoo Video Call

- Google Hangouts Video Chat

- Facebook Messenger Video Call

- And Many More!


Top Benefits of Webcam Settings Control

• Works with ANY App (both Desktop Apps & Web Apps) that uses your webcam. 

• Control Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, White Balance & many other settings to improve video quality!

• Use Zoom, Pan & Tilt to zoom-in on just your head and shoulders for a more professional appearance.

• Manually customize camera focus to maintain clarity all the time.

• Supports both built-in webcams & external USB webcams.

• View the results of all adjustments in Real-time as you make changes. All adjustments take effect instantly!

• Save all current settings as presets for quicker access later on.

Now It's Time to Get Started

Webcam Settings Control is available on Mac App Store. So you can immediately download the app to your Mac by clicking the button below.

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