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Xbox One Game Streaming for Mac​

Console Game Streaming is a native Mac application that flawlessly brings the game streaming function in your Xbox One to Mac.

The app gives you the ability to stream your Xbox One games to any Mac that can access your network in high definition video quality with zero-latency! You can play your beloved games on the Mac in your study whereas your Xbox One game console is in your living room. No need to move the device around! You can always play your games anytime you want even with someone hogging the TV!

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So what is it like?

To find out how Console Game Streaming works, please check out the following video.

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Console Game Streaming has various features making sure all users would have the lag-free gaming experience.


Lag Free

* No lag gaming experience when streaming.


Full HD Quality

* Supports various video quality, up to 1080p.



* Works with or without signing in Xbox profile.


Control with Gamepad

* Connect Xbox gamepad to Mac via Bluetooth, and control your gameplay.


Custom Keyboard Mapping

* Control your gameplay using your Mac's keyboard with custom binding.


Two Modes

* Play your games in either full screen mode

or window mode.

So what are the key features?

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