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Stream to Chromecast

The ultimate app that allows you to cast your local videos files, audio files, and photos to Chromecast devices. It supports internal and external subtitles, as well as multiple soundtracks. 

With the In-app purchase upgrade, you can even use the app to mirror your Mac to your Chromecast.

Enjoy Any Movies on Your Chromecast,

Regardless of the Formats!

Directly stream ANY movies in virtually Any format on your Mac to Chromecast devices, as well as various models of Google Cast-enabled devices, wirelessly!

All popular video formats are fully supported:

* AVI (.avi)

* Matroska (.mkv)

* Flash Video (.flv, .f4v)

* DivX (.divx)

* MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg)

* MPEG-TS (.ts, .mts, .m2t, .m2ts)

* MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4v)

* Ogg (.ogg, .ogv)

* RealMedia (.rm, .rmvb)

* VOB (.vob)

* WebM (.webm)

* 3GPP (.3gp, ,3g2)

* 3GPP (.3gp, ,m4v)

* ...and many more formats too.

... And with Subtitles

Both embedded subtitle tracks and external subtitle files are fully supported in a wide range of formats:

* Raw HDMV Presentation Graphic Stream subtitles (.sup)

* Spruce subtitle format (.stl)

* SubRip subtitle, webvtt (.srt)

* SAMI subtitle format (.smi)

* MPlayer subtitles (.mpsub)

* MPL2 subtitles (.mpl2)

* JACOsub subtitle format (.jacosub)

* SSA (SubStation Alpha) subtitle (.ass)

* SSA (SubStation Alpha) subtitle (.ssa)

* VobSub, MicroDVD (.sub)

* VobSub (.idx)

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 18.02.56.png

You can also stream ANY music or images

to your Chromecast!

Stream to Chromecast also supports wirelessly casting music and photos on your Mac to Chromecast devices without format limits.

All popular audio and image formats are fully supported:

* Free Lossless Audio Codec (.flac)

* Windows Media Audio (.wma)

* Advanced Audio Coding (.aac)

* MPEG-1 Audio Layer III (.mp3)

* Waveform Audio (.wav)

* Audio Interchange File Format (.aiff)

* MPEG-4 Audio (.m4a)

* Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)

* Portable Network Graphics (.png)

* Graphics Interchange Format (,gif)

* Bitmap Image File (,bmp)

* WebP (.webp)

* JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)

* ...and many more formats too.

Stream to All Sorts of Devices

Stream to Chromecast supports not only Chromecast, but also various of kinds of Smart TVs, Android TV boxes, wireless 

speakers, as well as many other devices including:

* Chromecast 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, and Ultra


* Google Cast devices (like Nexus Player, NVIDIA SHIELD, etc) 

* Chromecast Audio

* Wireless speakers with Chromecast built-in

Control Media Streaming

Stream to Chromecast gives your full control over media streaming right in the app. You can play, pause, seek, or stop the video playback, and adjust the volume as well.

next-track copy.png

Custom Playlist & Playback In Succession

Playlist is supported in the app. You can throw a whole bunch of files into the app and queue them up to create a playlist, so that you can enjoy your beloved movies and TV shows in succession without leaving the couch.

Don't forget to bring your soda and popcorn!

Upgrade to PRO version to get


By upgrading to the PRO version, you can wirelessly mirror your Mac's entire desktop, connected external display, or any specific application to your Chromecast. It works perfectly without any cable or additional hardware such as Apple TV! Once you have it installed on your Mac, you can instantly watch your Mac's screen on your Chromecast wirelessly!

It's fast, efficient, and stable!

Included PRO Features

Wireless Mirroring

Mirror exactly what's on your screen to your Chromecast & other Mac.

1080p Mirroring

Two mirroring qualities available in the app. Supports Full HD and HD for different network conditions.

Secondary Display Mirroring

Mirror the secondary display connected to your Mac to Chromecast & other Mac.

Optional Audio Streaming​

Optionally, you can stream the system audio to your TV while mirroring.

(PLEASE NOTE: You need to install our "AudioCast" audio driver on your Mac to send the Mac's audio to your TV)

Specific App Mirroring

Mirror any specific application instead of the entire screen.

No Adapter Required

Share wirelessly with everyone in the room without the need for cables or adapters like Apple TV.

Now It's Time to Get Started

Stream to Chromecast is available on Mac App Store. So you can purchase and download this app by clicking the button below. 

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