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* How do I stream the music to multiple Sonos speakers and play in sync?

There are several ways to stream the audio to multiple Sonos speakers.


1. For Sonos speakers that are already grouped, paired, or bonded before the app launches, they'd be discovered and recognized as a group in the app. So in this case, you just need to select the group in the app, and the audio would be sent to all included speakers and played in perfect sync.

2. If your Sonos speakers aren't paired, grouped, or bonded before the app launches, they would appear as individual devices in the app. So to stream the music to them all, you first need to group those speakers right in the group. To do that, please click a "Group" button to open the grouping settings panel.

In the settings panel, select all speakers that you want to include in the group, and then click the "OK" button to confirm it.

.Please select the newly created group in the app, and the audio would be sent to all speakers and played in perfect sync!

3. You can also use the "Sonos Controller" App on your phone to group or pair your Sonos speakers. Once they are successfully grouped or paired, the audio would be played on all grouped Sonos speakers in perfect sync!


Please be advised that if you change grouping settings when streaming, the connection between the Mac and Sonos speakers might be terminated, and you need to manually connect again to re-start the streaming.

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