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* When I start the app, I get an error message saying "Port In Use"? What's wrong?

That message only appears when another app on your Mac is already using the port 1900 exclusively, and you need to quit that very app before using ours. This is necessary because our app needs access to this port to work with Samsung Smart TVs, other UPnP/DLNA Media Renderers, Roku Media Players, Roku TVs, and Sonos speakers. Here is how you can find and quit the app which is using port 1900.

1. Open the "Terminal" application on your Mac: The fastest way to do this is via CMD + Space to open Spotlight and type in “Terminal”.

2. Copy the following command to the "Terminal" and press enter on your keyboard: 

lsof +c 0 -i :1900  | awk 'NR>1 {print $1}'

3. The name of the app that is using port 1900 should appear in the "Terminal". You can then use this information to quit the app in macOS.

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