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* Which settings should I have on my router to make the screen mirroring work properly?

In order to make screen mirroring work properly, your Mac and smart TV has to be able to communicate with each other and constantly exchange data. However, some router settings might kill this communication between these two devices. So you need to keep the router settings correct to make everything go smoothly.

1. Please install the very latest firmware on your router.

2. For dual band routers, please make sure your Mac and smart TV are connected to the same router channel. For example, if the Mac is on 2.4Ghz, your TV should also be on 2.4Ghz.

3. If you have a router with MAC address filtering, add the MAC address of your TV to the list of filtered devices.

4. Disable Access Point/Client isolation on your router.

5. Disable Wireless Isolation on your router.

6. Disable IGMP Proxy on your router.

7. Disable any Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or proxy servers, on your router and/or computer.

8. Enable UPnP/Multicast on your router.

9. Enable IGMP on your router.

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