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* The app discovered my Fire TV, but it can't connect to the device. How do I fix that?

This problem happens because Amazon Fire TV uses dynamic ports, and the one currently using has been changed. This happen usually if your Fire TV device has been restarted or rebooted.

There are three ways to fix this problem quickly:

1. Simply quit the app and then relaunch it.

2. If the first approach doesn't work. Please quit the app first, and then reconnect your Mac to the local network by turning off your WiFi connection and then turning it back on (unplugging and plugging the ethernet cable if your Mac uses it). Once the Internet connection is reestablished, please relaunch the app. The app should be working alright after this.

3. If the first two approaches mentioned above don't work. Then please try to flush DNS cache. (How to flush cache in Mac)

a. Quit the app first.

b. Find and launch the "Terminal" application in your Mac.

c. Please copy the following command and then paste it into the "Terminal" application like it's shown in the screenshot underneath.

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

c. Type your account password to execute the command.

d. Relaunch the app and connect it to your Fire TV to cast your media files again. It should be working alright by now.

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