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* My network condition is not well, and it buffers a lot when streaming/mirroring. How do I make it better?

Here​ are some useful tips on how to make your network better:

* Restart your router. Just take out the power plug, wait 10 seconds and put it back in. This resets your router and will make your home network faster and more stable. 


* Don’t do network intense work while streaming media files. This is because media streaming is taxes hard on your network, so you wouldn't want to make it do other network intense work simultaneously, including making timemachine backups over the network and uploading/downloading large files from the internet.

* Put your Mac and the receiving device on the same router channel. Some routers (dual band) have create both a 2.4Ghz and a 5Ghz wireless network. For the best performance, put your Mac and your TV on the same network!

* Use an AC or N router. Newer routers support Wi-Fi AC and N. Older routers might only have Wifi B and/or G. B and G are not really up to scratch anymore for modern networking tasks, so go for an AC or N router. If your router supports AC and N, also make sure that your router is set to use either the Wi-Fi N or Wi-Fi AC networking.

* Beware of the Microwave. This may sound silly, but microwaves interfere with Wi-Fi, BADLY!

* You can also lower the settings for Video Quality to "Medium Quality". That often helps a lot.

More tips on better wifi networking are here:

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