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* Download & Install the "AudioCast" Audio Driver

To send your Mac's audio to other devices, please download and install our free "AudioCast" audio driver. After the installation, please restart all applications playing audio or video, such as QuickTime, VLC, iTunes, Safari, and Chrome.

After the installation, please open the app's Preferences panel and select "AudioCast" in the list of "Live Audio Setup".  


Optionally, if you have other audio drivers that can capture system audio of your Mac such as Soundflower, you can select it as the audio input source in the list of "Live Audio Setup".

However, for the best user experience, it's strongly recommended to install and use our "AudioCast" audio driver as the source of live audio streaming. This is because unlike our "AudioCast" audio driver, other third-party audio drivers are not fully optimized for this app, and there might be potential problems using them as audio input source. Potential problems of using other audio drivers include the audio wouldn't be streamed to external devices, or the audio sounds funny on external devices, or something else entirely. 

If the app got terminated incorrectly, such as by "Force Quit", while streaming live audio to other devices, it's possible that the audio wouldn't be restored to your Mac or headphone. You can select your current audio output to your Mac in System Preference -> Sound -> Output tab.

Click the Link Below to Download "AudioCast" Audio Driver
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