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Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer

Wirelessly stream all audio from any app on your Mac to other DLNA media renderers all around your network. Any audio on your Mac can be heard throughout your house!

Play on Various Devices

Send Any audio of Any App on your Mac to various sorts of UPnP/DLNA media renderers.

Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer works seamlessly with all kinds of UPnP/DLNA media renderers, including Smart TV (by Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, WD TV, etc), media players, game consoles, wireless speakers, and many more.

Stream the All Audio of Your Mac

Use Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer to effortlessly send the any audio from your Mac to various kinds of UPnP/DLNA media renderers like Smart TVs and wireless speakers on your network!

It doesn't matter if you're listening music in iTunes, enjoying playlists on Spotify desktop client, or playing concerts in media players, Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer wirelessly casts all those sounds to the selected devices with minimum audio latency. 

Now you can enjoy any music on your Mac throughout your house!

Send Audio of All Web Services

Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer can stream any audio of any website services to supported outputs. 


Whether it's music on your beloved music streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify, or Pandora Radio, or movies or TV shows on YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu, Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer wirelessly sends all the sounds to selected devices with minimum audio latency. 



Send Any Audio of Desktop Apps

Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer also can stream the audio of any app on your Mac to supported outputs on your network. 


Whether it's music in iTunes or Spotify, a concert played in VLC or QuickTime, or a radio station played in Safari or Chrome, Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer wirelessly sends all the sounds to the selected devices with minimum audio latency. 

Bass Booster, EQ, & Volume Amplifier

From bass to treble, instantly improve your listening experience with the 10-band equalizer! You can customize all frequencies however you seem fit.

Thanks to the bass booster and volume amplifier, you can crank up the bass and boost up the volume of the sound for optimal quality.

A number of built-in audio effect presets are included in this app. Play with audio filters to get the best out of your music based on genres, personal preferences, or specific needs.

Save all the adjustments in the equalizer as custom presets, so that you can use them later.

Stream Local Audio Files, Regardless of Formats!

In addition to streaming the audio of your Mac, Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer also can play audio files in virtually all formats and codecs. Just like any other popular desktop music player.

 Supported audio formats include popular ones like mp3, m4a, ogg, flac, wav, ogg, and many more. Just throw them into Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer, and it can stream your music files to various kinds of audio outputs.


Now you can enjoy your beloved music collection on all supported devices non-stop without conversion and format limits!

Now It's Time to Get Started

Audio Cast for DLNA Renderer is available on Mac App Store. So you can purchase and download this app by clicking the button below. 

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